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You want to get a live impression of our houses? You want to stroll through every floor to get a feeling of our apartments, the surroundings and our categories? From now on, all our Serviced Apartment houses and Hotels are available to click through! You can also visit our Frankfurt Student Apartments to see the apartments and the houses. Enjoy the virtual stroll from the street curb to the skyline!

Take a virtual tour, for example through our house THE FLAG West M., from our reception, to our co-working space, through our garden, for a lunch break in the restaurant, through our different categories (business, comfort studio, executive studio, and many more) and finally enjoy the great skyline view from our rooftop.

Find more 360 degree tours on our website and click yourself through THE FLAG Oskar M., THE FLAG Zurich, THE FLAG Munich M. and our student houses THE FLAG Campusmeile, THE FLAG Philosophicum and THE FLAG First M.!