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THE FLAG Senior Living, a concept of growing importance. The ageing of the population is a global phenomenon. The low birth rate and increasing life expectancy make Germany one of the oldest populated countries in the world. In 2040, 17.6% of the population in Germany is expected to be 67 years or older. It is important to draw a comparison here with the year 2020, where the population over 67 years old was 13.5 %.

All the more reason why we, THE FLAG, are motivated to help by creating adequate living space for seniors with our currently planned six new locations. With our Senior Living segment, we offer solutions for older people when living in their own home becomes increasingly difficult and downsizing is too expensive. Our concept for senior citizens: age-appropriate living space, daily care options and comprehensive services - and yet it is not a retirement home. With single and double flats, the size is also self-determined. With our Senior Living segment, we combine the best of two worlds: being independent and enjoying community life at the same time.