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The Importance 

of Diagnostics

Mindfulness is currently a hot topic, and in these times, it is of particular importance not only for mental but also for physical wellbeing. Those who are mindful of themselves ideally achieve a better harmony with themselves and their own bodies, manage to listen to themselves, and understand their own physical needs better. However, on the path to determining one's own status quo, this is only one side of the coin – a thorough diagnostics is equally essential. This not only enables targeted work on physical issues but can also facilitate the establishment of a personal sports and fitness program, for example.

The holistic concept of Hotel & Stay Well at THE FLAG Costa del Sol starts for this reason with comprehensive diagnostics: the first of five cornerstones on which the programs we offer are based.

Anamnesis, Biomarkers, CT – A Brief ABC of Diagnostics

Diagnostics can generally be conducted in various ways, such as through physical examinations or laboratory tests, through imaging techniques like X-rays, MRI, CT scans, or ultrasound, epigenetic examinations, or organ function tests. Biomarker analyses, too, can now provide detailed insights into physical condition through continually advancing research. External factors are also taken into account. Environmental factors such as noise (stress) can have a significant impact on health. Therefore, particularly important is the anamnesis, a systematic questioning about complaints and health status.

Recognizing Symptoms: Timing is Everything

It seems logical to take action only when actual symptoms arise. However, for even ostensibly healthy individuals, regular examinations are of great importance: before a disease breaks out or symptoms develop, early steps can be taken. Regular follow-up checks are also important so that progress can be documented. Here lies an additional benefit – data collected with consent can be important for further research.

Individual Diagnoses for Tailored Programs

As the foundation for a new, healthier, and comprehensive sense of wellbeing, our Wellbeing programs also prioritize comprehensive diagnostics, including a detailed oral and written anamnesis. With the information gathered from the completed pre-assessment and the Wellbeing Consultation, we create an individualized training and nutrition plan. Additionally, we conduct an analysis of body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, and water), metabolism, and a heart stress test to assess resilience. Based on this information, a decision can be made – whether for one of our pre-arranged programs or for an individual, customized offering.By the way, our diagnostic offerings are continuously expanding, allowing us to address individual needs even more comprehensively.

For more information on Wellbeing and Longevity at THE FLAG Costa del Sol, click here. Further details on diagnostics and applications can also be found on the respective program pages.